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TheCryptoWiki has been created as an extension of TheCryptoChat, it is hoped to make this a useful resource for newcomers and veterans alike, wanting to learn about or discover anything crypto related. TheCryptoWiki was borne out of necessity and we believe that this can be incredibly useful to everybody. Whether you’re a newcomer wanting to know of ways to obtain cryptocurrencies cheaply or for free. Or are a veteran wanting to engage with like-minded individuals, TheCryptoChat as well as TheCryptoWiki aims to cater for the needs of all of its users

The wealth of information shared by crypto-knowledgeable people on TheCryptoChat and the constant search for this information by altcoin enthusiasts have prompted the creation of TheCryptoWiki. Dwelling on both the practical and theoretical aspects of cryptocurrencies, the ideas shared are deemed to be useful to anyone searching about anything crypto-related.

Through observation and interaction with our users, old and new, we appreciate that some of our members are from poverty stricken countries and this, for some users, prompts a desire for ways to try to earn money online, in this brave new frontier there are some unsavoury projects (read as scams) that operate in this space and we feel we have a responsibility to provide users with information and help in trying to avoid getting caught up in anything that may cause them losses.

With a new knowledge-base here, by way of TheCryptoWiki and newcomers entering into this brave new world at a growing rate, providing ways to help them learn can help them become independent and rely less on rumours seen/heard from unreliable sources.

TheCryptoWiki is here for users, by users! If you have any knowledge you would like to share, that perhaps isn’t here, or maybe you’re able to expand upon topics featured here, please feel free to drop in and edit the content!