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TheCryptoChat is a real time chat platform catering to an audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.

The site itself hosts cryptocurrency faucets for a variety of coins as well as Block Explorers

TheCryptoChat also offers a selection of services such as the hosting of nodes, Block Explorers and a coin creation service.

Additionally TheCryptoChat teamed up with the Insane team and through this arrangement were able to offer InsaneCoin as rewards for bounties and for the Insane quiz room.

Recently a new radio player was added to the chat, tuned in to Flavorcoin radio where there are regular live shows with the host and developer of FlavorCoin goes by the name of church as well as shows by with guest DJ kaptkrunch taking requests throughout his set, playing a wide mix of music chosen by users.

The Team

  • cryptochat - Founder/Co-owner/Developer
  • CryptoCypher - Co-owner/Developer
  • jewelettes - Administrator

  • bittzy78
  • dialekt
  • Hobbyist
  • ftm_sap
  • g420
  • TestingCrypto
  • juzz222
  • kaptkrunch
  • micdvd
  • mijowe
  • mineru
  • v1nc3nz0

Sports Betsters
  • Ivakar
  • VFAtrader

Verified Coin Developers
5mil beats_dev Bitbobb bitbullbarbados
BITtask blackman Bondsman1 BTPL
bumbacoin chelton085 Chicks church
Coineer CopyPasta crunck CryptoCoderz
cryptorupee cryptostiltskin cryptotechdes cryptotrader
cryptowest CryptoWorldX dari DavidSantamaria
dhimrich DMBdev DroneCoin ExtensiveCoinDev
FermiGBM1 FireRoosterCoin goldblocks Gomez108
hesdeadjim iGotSpots Impact intense
KangarooBits KnoxCoin lizidev madcoin
markstevens mrz28s NEOMAN neurocis
notnormals OBAViJEST OfficalGanjaCoin OroCoin
PieCoin PinkDog pirateblock poswallet
PumpkinBot RnRMines SaltineChips sojournagain
solarflarecoin Stewpak SuperStakeToken tami
tattoocoin tokyoghetto traderscoin Vegasguy
Velvet78 Vsync White92d15b7 YoShitCoin
Zennies ZoltanCorion

Chat Rooms

TheCryptoChat has a variety of rooms at the site for various topics of discussion, not all just cryptocurrency related. Whilst TheCryptoChat is primarly aimed towards users with an interest or passion for cryptocurrencies, users typically have other interests and other commonalities.


A room where users can talk about books they're reading, books they like, anything books related goes in here.


TheCryptoChat has a bounties system, when bounties are reviewed users received a notification and also posts are made in this room, notifying of newly accepted bounties.

BTC Back Alley

This room is used to discuss offsite betting and gambling facilities online that use cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Tutorials

Crypto Tutorials was a room championed by juzz222 created to help teach and share information with users to teach them various aspects relating to cryptocurrencies.

With the introduction of the wiki, Tutorials will now have a new home over at our How to guides


CryptoInfo was created for the website where TheCryptoChat can be directly accessed and used whilst perusing the pages of the forum.

DKV2 Universe

CryptoInfo was created for the website where TheCryptoChat can be directly accessed and used whilst perusing the pages of the forum.

Faucet Gaming

A room created for mexicantarget for

FLVR Radio

A room for Flavorcoin radio


A room for the GoldBlocks Coin

Hyper Dev

A room for the team behind Hyper to discuss their plans for the development of Hyper Coin.


A room for TheCryptoChat' Indonesian members

Insane Quiz Room

This is a quiz room, it is a word game where users have to guess a scrambled word, the game works similarly to a faucet, but issues rewards based on correct guesses, points decrease after each hint is shown.


This room is created for the Insane Community wherein the Insane dev team discusses the newest features and updates about INSaNe Coin. Altcoin traders can also post questions regarding INSN development. In the earlier development stage of Insane coin, the dev team also posted giveaway details, promocodes and yobit codes for lucky community members inside this room.

Job Shop

The Job shop was created as a way to facilitate the needs of users to offer their skills and a place where developers can post their projects and new member requirements. With the introduction of this wiki, these postings will now have a place on this wiki where users and project leaders can post their requirements in our new TheCryptoChat JobShop


This is the main room, when users first sign up you'll be in this room with the majority of TheCryptoChat' users, it's a very active room and lots of discussion takes place here.


Here is where users can share some music that they like, posting links to youtube or other sources for entertainment purposes.


This is a room that was created and stemmed from a conversation within the community relating to the potential for the creation of a new community coin, the chat platform as good as it is was too limited of a platform for retaining the info suggested and so something like this may benefit from the use of this wiki.

Pусский (Russian Language Room)

A room for TheCryptoChat' Russian members

Polski (Polish Language Room)

A room for TheCryptoChat' Polish members

Sports Betting 101

This room has daily sports betting tips posted by VFAtrader and Ivakar, TheCryptoChat' in-house sports betsters.

Suggestions Box

a room used for taking suggestions from users for features and things they would considered for inclusion in the continued development of TheCryptoChat. With the introduction of this wiki, this room will be closed and suggestions pointed here: TheCryptoChat Suggestions

Trader Central

This is a room where traders can discuss trading strategies and they can use the price checker tool to help find Arbitrage opportunies.


  • Price checker
  • Insane Quiz Room
  • Bounties
  • Faucets
  • Block Explorers
  • Radio player (tuned in to Flavorcoin radio)
  • Chat translator
  • In-chat link shortening powered by TheCryptoURL


TheCryptoChat takes user suggestions for the site, whether it's for a new room, new feature or anything else related. A page on this wiki has been created for the purpose of taking user suggestions, formerly a room at the site "Suggestions Box" was used to facilitate this, but the wiki is able to provide for this far more easily as well as the collected data on the wiki is persistent unlike the chat content which self clears after approximately 3 weeks.


  • Block Explorer Hosting
  • Node Hosting
  • Coin Creation

Block Explorers